Public Token Sale (TBD)

The official launch and public token sale won't happen until thorough product testing and incorporating community feedback. We believe in building first, then launching, not the other way around. We'll announce the date of our public token sale on our official channels, so be sure to follow us!
At ThanX Finance, our goal is to create an ecosystem that benefits both our users and our token holders. We want to reward our users while also generating sustainable value for our token holders.
We are thrilled to introduce our flagship token, the $THANX utility token, which powers ThanX Finance's reward and loyalty platform and provides a stable stream of real yield for token stakers.
We'll be launching $THANX through a public sale using a custom fair launch model. Unlike some other sales, we’re proud to confirm that we haven't had a presale or accepted VC investments before the public sale, so everyone has an equal chance to buy $THANX tokens.

Launch date:

  • Starting date: TBD
  • Ending date: TBD
  • Launchpad: TBD
Once the public sale ends, you will be able to claim and trade your THANX tokens within 24 hours.

Public Sale details:

  • Name: ThanX Finance ($THANX)
  • Public Sale: 30.000.000. THANX (10% of the total supply)
  • Starting Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV): TBD
  • Starting Price for THANX: TBD
  • Raising in: TBD
  • Hard Cap: TBD
  • Public Sale Vesting: no vesting, 100% unlocked for public sale participants
  • Team Vesting: 6 months cliff with linear vesting over 4 years
Further information regarding the public token sale will be announced once all the terms are finalized.